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We aren't going to pull your chain. We are here to educate you and cut straight to what matters.

Investment planning always gets a lot of attention and there seems to always be someone that can help you “get rich quick”. Frankly, we are not those people as we like to educate you on the various principles of investing and how you can capitalize on fundamentals rather than speculation. Here is a rundown of 6 core principles to get ahead when doing investment planning.

1. Start Now

Really, start now. No excuses. The time is now for you to start investing for the future. Procrastination is your biggest enemy to your investment planning so start paying yourself first on a regular basis. You need to start at a comfortable amount and consistently nudge it up over time.

Seriously, action is key. Time wasted is money wasted, and starting ASAP means the return of your investments will be much greater. So we can accept that you want to read the rest of our wonderful tips, but no more waiting after that!

2. Use Tax Shelters

There are a lot of government programs that you can use to receive tax deductions, tax sheltered growth and grants. People often ask us which one is best to do and of course the answer is “it depends”. Therefore, we will educate you on each of them and how they work, dispelling any myths along the way. The most common ones are:

  • RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Program)
  • TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account)
  • RESP (Registered Education Savings Program)
  • Cash Value portion of permanent life insurance policies

3. Understand Risk

A lot of people focus on the negative risk of losing money without realizing that there is also a positive risk of making money. This is a sensitive area but everyone has their own interpretation of risk. Consider the length of time before you need the money and how you would react to a fluctuation in the value of your investments in the meantime.

What have your experiences with money been? How do you view money? We don’t want you to lose sleep at night so we need to really dial in to your risk tolerance by asking a lot of questions. There are no wrong answers here.

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4. Diversify

Yes, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. There is wisdom in creating a portfolio that has different investments so that over time your overall return is higher with a lower return. We are not in Vegas so we don’t really need to roll the dice. We can spread things out by region, investment style, currency and so on.

Now that you have experts on your side of the table, diversifying could never be easier. So let's lay out some options for you to choose from, we will make sure we provide nothing but effective solutions for your investment portfolio.

5. Be aware of your risk profile

The best way to be comfortable with your investment portfolio is to match it to your risk profile. The process of asset allocation balances risks and rewards according to your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. There is no rule of thumb when it comes to asset allocation so we go through a process to determine the best allocation for you. Everybody is different so you can be you with no worries. Each investments class (equities, fixed-income, cash and equivalents) has its own risk and reward characteristics so they perform differently over time and in different markets.

6. Monitor and re-balance

You need to keep aware of your portfolio and how it changes over time. Reviewing it periodically allows you to re-balance the different asset categories to maintain the balance that matches your risk profile. It is not always easy to sell an investment when something is soaring but if you do then it really provides the effect of buying low and selling high. When you take the emotion out of it, you will be more consistent.

Let's get you set up with a financial strategy

Frequently asked questions about

Investment Planning

This question would best be answered by other questions. How much are you looking to invest? What kinds of risk are you comfortable with? What are your goals?

All of this will determine the best investment plan for YOU. We are willing to cover all the bases with you and show you the best route personalized for your needs.

It’s important because it’s your plan of action that determines your chances of success. Having a clear understanding of your limits, risks, and options makes investing become more predictable. Swell is here to help show you how important investment planning is, and exactly where you need to focus your efforts.

“Get rich quick” schemes rarely come to fruition. We focus on showing you everything you need to be aware of, and tailor your plan to your goals. By showing you the most effective routes we would recommend, this will be the most effective and efficient way to manage your investments.

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